50 things that makes me happy!

I’m usually a very positive person and I like to find happiness in the little things so I think this is going to be easy for me. I got tagged to write a list about 50 things that makes me happy by Christy (https://cookiesandcursewords.com).

So here is my list and they are not in order so number one doesn’t necessarily makes me more happy than number 50 🙂

1. Food, I love food!!

2. My cats

3. My boyfriend

4. My family

5. My friends

6. Learning new things, small and big.

7. Travel, I just love to travel and see and explore new things, countries and cultures

8. Wine lol. Having a glass of wine with good company is underestimated!

9. Walking

10. Yoga

11. Chocolate

12. Drawing and painting

13. Writing

14. Reading books

15. Cuddles

16. Clean bedding

17. Dinner at a restaurant

18. Waking up every morning (I do have bad mornings too lol)

19. Seeing other people succeed

20. Helping strangers

21. Making someone else’s day better

22. Cooking

23. Watching my plants grow from week to week

24. Seeing my blog grow

25. Cleaning, yes cleaning makes me happy and very satisfied

26. Going to the beach

27. Swimming in the ocean

28. Sunshine

29. Dogs

30. Animals in general

31. Planning my future

32. Singing

33. Dancing

34. Making new friends

35. Spend time in the forest

36. Hiking

37. Discover new hobbies

38. Watch documentaries

39. Having a “Netflix and chill” night

40. Not having to set an alarm in the morning

41. Going home after a weeks work on the boat

42. Knowing I’m good at my job

43. Giving away great gifts that I know will be appreciated

44. Teaching other people things (like when I was a dive instructor)

45. Knowing I’m blessed in my life, sounds a bit weird but I’m very happy and grateful I have this life and that I have all the opportunities I have. I wish everyone could have a home, the opportunity to educate them selfs, an income and always be able to eat and drink when your hungry and thirsty

46. To spend time in nature

47. To know I’m loved

48. Diving

49. Flowers

50. To receive thoughtful gifts

Writing this list was fun and makes you think about all the things around you that actually do make you happy! It’s a little bit of an eye opener to be honest. I always try to focus on the good things in life but it was a bit of a reminder of how blessed I am in my life! There are more things I could have added to this list but I’ll save them for another time 🙂

So I’m supposed to tag five people to do the same so I’m going to tag:

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