Ginger shot!!

I have started a new routine, a ginger shot every morning! Since it’s a very great way to start your day and it has a lot of health benefits, like a lot of vitamins, boosting your immune system and also speed up your metabolism, so I’m going to share my recipe.

I make the double amount since it’s for two people and it’s great to have it in the fridge ready πŸ™‚ but here is the recipe for about 1-1,5L:

πŸ‹ 300g fresh ginger

πŸ‹ 2 lemons

πŸ‹ 1,5L of water

πŸ‹ chili (after taste)

πŸ‹ fresh mint (optional)

If you want yours a bit sweet you can add honey after it’s done and have cooled down.

Peal the ginger and chop in small pieces, slice the lemon, chip the chili and pluck the mint leaves and put everything in a big pot. Add the water and put it on your hob/burner. When it starts boiling lower the temperature and let it simmer for about 45 min.

Pour out the liquid and save that! Let it cool down and keep it in the fridge, it’s ready to drink!!

I hope you’ll enjoy!!

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