Kiev/Kyiv, Ukraine, with the kids!

Traveling with kids is different, very different compared to travel with a friend or partner. With different I don’t mean better or worse I simply mean different. You have to consider other things and focus on other stuff. But it also gives you a new way of experience and looking at things. Anyways, it’s totally worth it and it makes you do things you probably wouldn’t have otherwise. So when the kids had a one week break from school we decided to go on a short holiday. We decided to go somewhere we hadn’t been before and a place we wouldn’t normally pick. So we booked four tickets to Kiev or Kyiv depending on how you spell it. I’m gonna write Kiev cause that’s what I’ve been taught. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and a large city. It’s a 2h flight for us so we left Monday evening with a return flight on Friday evening giving us four days to spend in Kiev. We booked a big apartment with two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and three balcony’s! The total cost per person for flight ticket and five nights in the apartment was approximately 125€! We booked five nights cause we wanted to keep the apartment on Friday since we had a late flight.

So what can you do in Kiev with one 8 year old and one 10 year old?? Loads!!!! So on the first day we went for a great lunch at a cozy Italian inspired café. Had proper coffee (with soy milk) and delicious food. After that we want for a long walk and just strolled around a big park. Since it’s autumn the colors are beautiful and the park was full of trees, grass, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and on one side there was a wide river. The park also contained the famous tunnel that Stalin built in 1938. At the end of the park you can keep going until you hit a gorgeous cathedral with a golden roof along the same river. On the way walking there we also found a different type of playground where you could pay for your kids to get like climbing gear and climb around with an instructor on three different levels.

Everything in Kiev is cheap, especially compared to Sweden. But a dinner for four people (the kids order adult meals) with drinks was around 25€. A beer was around 2-4€.

On day two we went to what we thought was a shopping mall with a Game Center but it turned out to be a two floor Game Center with rollerblading in the middle. So we did bowling and loads of different games and VR. Super fun day!

On the third day we went to Dream Island which is a water park inside a shopping mall. It’s a 25 000 square meter huge water park with slides, pools, spa, food, bars etc with a Jurassic Park theme! The kids loved it and we did too! So much fun!! There is something for everyone in there. They have a baby pool, children’s area and an adult area where the kids can come with you. A bar in a huge pool and slides everywhere. Jacuzzis everywhere. There is also very high security in there and everyone under 10 has to use a life west in the pools. There are guards everywhere making sure everyone follows the rules. One big mistake we did was not to bring shoes.. flip flops or sandals, cause the floor is super slippery so they have put out some sort of carpet thing to prevent people from falling but it’s very hard and sharp to walk on. They open at 11am and close at 10pm and we spent 9h there with no problem. For the four of us the entrance fee was 24€ in total. Well spent money!

On the last day we just chilled and ate good food. I must say that in general they aren’t very good at speaking English but the ones that do speak it are good. People are friendly and helpful and over all a great city. They have Uber and it worked great. Was super cheap to get around!

I highly recommend this city!

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