Lentils and carrot patties

I love lentils, they are just so good! You can use them for so many different things too! But today I’m going to share my recipe for lentil and carrot patties. You can also make them smaller and round so they’ll be balls instead 😉 serve them as a burger, with potatoes, rice, a salad and any sauce you like. These ones are vegan, gluten-free and easy to make!

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Ginger shot!!

I have started a new routine, a ginger shot every morning! Since it’s a very great way to start your day and it has a lot of health benefits, like a lot of vitamins, boosting your immune system and also speed up your metabolism, so I’m going to share my recipe.

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Spinach soup

Spinach soup is one of my favorite soups. You can do it in a lot of different ways, eat it warm or cold and it’s full of great nutrients and gives you an energy boost. Simple, healthy and great taste! And of course it’s vegan. It doesn’t take very long to make it, usually around 20-30 min so it’s perfect for the days when you are a bit stressed out. The kids love it too! Continue reading Spinach soup

Indian flavored lentil stew

Completely Vegan, easy to make and delicious!

Here is my recipe for four people.

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Jackfruit kinda chili

Here comes my first blogpost recipe!! Always when I look for recipes or inspiration about food there is a lot of text and a full story to read before you get to the actual food so I’m not going to do the same. Here is a complete vegan dish that tastes so good it was hard to stop eating 🙂 I did this one for four people and it could probably have feed five to be honest.

Looks like a lot of ingredients but most of them are spices 🙂

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What about vegan?

I’ve never really liked meat. Even as a kid I was very pick with what I ate and didn’t like the texture or the flavor of meat. I’ve had so many arguments with my parents during lunches and dinners. They always told me to appreciate food and eat what I was served with a smile. Of course that didn’t work, I tried all the tricks in the book and some new ones to try and convince my parents to let me of the meat hook. I stuffed my cheeks with the meat and said I needed the toilet and spit it out, I pretended to swallow and then I spit it out in my tissue while “wiping my mouth” and so on. I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until I finished my plate so sometimes I would sit there for hours.. So when I was around 11 years old I became a vegetarian. Eat quorn and soya stuff instead. I’ve always tried to learn and teach myself that eggs, chicken, fish, and red meat is healthy and my body needs it so I need to start liking it. So far it haven’t completely worked for me. But I’m not gonna lie, I have learned to even love eating some type of animals. For example I love seafood and a proper made marinated bbq chicken breast.

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