Back to Koh Tao

I haven’t written in a while cause I’ve honestly been to busy. I work full time and study full time and now I’m on a holiday to my second home Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s been so nice to be back and I really love this place and all my amazing friends I have here!

I’ve spent a lot of time on the beach and I’ve been eating so much great food!

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Living in two worlds

It’s so weird that I’m right now on a train in Sweden traveling between Stockholm and Gävle. I was born in Stockholm and I will always love this city, especially in the summer and I’ve spent two years living in Gävle with my ex fiancé. Gävle is a tiny little city about 1,5h north from Stockholm with only around 100 000 people living there. Looking out the window everything is grey, beige and the only colours I see is some kinda white ish snow left in small piles on the ground and firs that are dark green. Continue reading Living in two worlds

Songkran – wet, wild and one of my favorite holidays!

Songkran is the Thai new year. It’s celebrated all over the country and they celebrate for a few days. Songkran is every year 13-15 of April but the actual Songkran is on the 13th. On my little island where I live we only celebrate for one day (the 13th) but it’s the best day of the year! Almost everyone comes out to play!cause that’s what you do, it’s all about getting wet and wild! People are standing along the roads to throw water all over you! There are water guns everywhere and everyone is so happy! We also drink, party and dance on the beach. So basically a huge day party with a massive water fight on the beach! Can it get any better??

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My paradise and a murder island??

I feel like I need to dedicate a post to my paradise and my second home on this planet, Koh Tao! There has been so many bad things said about this tiny little gorgeous island for the past few years and right now it’s so many things written all over internet about this lovely place. I feel like I need to bring some clarity and justice to my beloved island.

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What a shit day

I’ve recently started to try and change my mindset to be more positive and to not let my surroundings and events get to me. I really believe in The Law of Attraction and if you don’t know what it is there is an awesome documentary about it on Netflix called “The secret”. But basically it’s about energies and that you attract what you think about.

So if you let small things get you then you start thinking negative thoughts which will just attract more negative things. Like if you wake up in the morning and you hit your toe on the way in to the bathroom and then realise you forgot to bring a towel when you get out of the shower so you start thinking “this is such shit day, not another one of those”. Your mind will be set on “shit day” so then more bad things will happen.

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